Soumi Dey,Kirkintilloch

" I found Stephen to be a patient and a thoroughly competent tutor,inspiring confidence in me from the very first lesson. With his help, I quickly felt comfortable behind the wheel and started learning seemingly ´complicated ´ skills with surprising ease. Stephen is not only an accomplished teacher,but a very affable guy with a fine eye for how people think and act on the roads. Thus now I´d always look out for that rash driver on a Friday evening having a fight with his girlfriend or watch out for the school kids darting across the road at lunch, Stephen keeps saying " keep your cool, keep your calm"( his other pupils would recognise that) and I did just that during my test and passed, both instructor and pupil were very chuffed! I do miss my classes,proud that I am of my red licence. Thanks so much for all your hard work Stephen, you are an exemplary instructor and a friend too. I´d wholeheartedly recommend Stephen Farrell to one and all. Cheers!"

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